Bodybuilding necklace jewelry Sports pendants

Sports gift for men

Sports gift for men

A very original gift to the athlete will be a product that corresponds to the lifestyle. In this case, we will focus on sports pendants, bracelets and chains – the main feature of our store.

Since sport is becoming very popular and involves more and more of the world’s population, the demand for sports gifts is becoming very important. Of course, most of us always prefer to give original and unforgettable gifts, but it is not always easy to find the original gift to the athlete. To give a jar of protein, t – shirt and the like has become too banal, but to make a sports gift in the form of suspension in the appropriate sports direction-will already be original and it is unlikely that such a gift will be ignored.

For example, a fitness lover to give a decoration in the form of a barbell or dumbbell, boxer Boxing gloves, sports girl-suspension fitness bikini or sports pendants with cubic Zirconia, etc.. Here you will find products for every taste at a suitable price depending on the complexity and material of the product.

What to give to a man athlete

So what products to choose for a man athlete? This can be a sports pendant, our product with a chain or just a bracelet or chain. We will try to answer this question based on the statistics of demand by different people.

The most common in our time, a healthy lifestyle, which includes a visit to the fitness club, gym, proper nutrition, exercise in the fresh air … these people are well suited pendants in the form of dumbbells, barbells, Weight plate pendant and some other sports jewelry or key rings, for example: keychain dumbbell, suspension bull or inflated torso and others…

If you doubt that a person will wear something on the neck, you can consider the option of a sports men’s keychain made of medical steel or pick up a classic bracelet or chain.

Under the specific sport gift to the athlete is already selected logically: for the boxer – pendant Boxing gloves for hockey-hockey skate for a football player and so on.

If you have any questions about the production, material or choice, we will always answer or prompt.

Examples of men’s sports gifts

Necklace steel sports jewelry..

Crossfit jewelry photo

Emotions as a gift to a sports man

Sports gift Dumbbell pendant Bicep pendant

Besides our sports jewelry it is possible to present to the man to the athlete a heap of interesting material things and emotions.

Material gifts are offered in our time a large number. The task of choice will facilitate some knowledge about the person. The most important thing you need to know is the sport that people are interested in. then you can learn about his desires, dreams or missing things. If this is a close person, then the choice of a sports gift should not be a problem. Here are some examples of popular sports accessories in our time:

Men’s sportswear. These sports accessories will be useful to almost everyone and will be a universal gift. even with this extra bag or spare set of sports clothing is always useful.
Sports equipment, expanders … these accessories will not be superfluous to any athlete, the main thing that they would correspond to the occupation.
Smart watches, bracelets. Another perfect gift to the athlete. Very well suited to those athletes who are very careful of their time and distribute the load with the highest accuracy.
Sports nutrition. Around this product there are contentious issues but it would be a good gift. For example, you can give a complex of good vitamins or products for ligaments for injuries, or you can buy a jar of protein to an athlete.

Fitness jewelry bracelet photo
Powerlifting gift ideas photo

Under this category, we allocate a separate paragraph. Intangible gifts have a significant difference from the material and usually carry a large semantic and emotional load. Events under emotions are remembered for a very long time or for a lifetime. Here is an example of some:

Cool gift to the athlete. Extreme as a gift. Here you can choose entertainment for every taste. Nowadays, there are many extreme entertainment. This can be a parachute jump or bungee jumping, climbing course, walking on high suspension bridges and much more in this style…
Subscription to the gym or section can also be attributed to an intangible gift that will be remembered for a long time. If for the person it will serve as start to achievement of high results, he will be grateful to you all life.
A subscription to sports training courses. Such a gift is suitable for an athlete who already has experience in sports activities and does not mind expanding his horizons. for example, such a gift can be given to a fitness trainer. Unfortunately in modern fitness clubs you can meet a lot of unqualified coaches and such a gift will be one of the best.
A trip to a sporting event can be another option for a memorable event in life. A football player or a hockey player can be given tickets for major matches, a boxer a pass to a Boxing tournament, etc.
A gift to the athlete on the day of birth

Sports jewelry, bracelets, chains

A gift to the guy athlete.
Bracelet with bear
Материал: серебро 925 пробыMaterial: 925 sterling silver
Length: about 23cm

Weight: 95 grams

Bear size: 27x48x6 mm

Dimensions of links: 15×5 mm

Price: 220 dollars
This gift will be the best gift for a guy’s birthday
Leather thong Genuine leather.
Color: blue. Perfect for a disc pendant with blue cubic Zirconia.

Length: 50cm (maybe up to 65cm, the price will not change)

Cord diameter: 4mm

Convenient lock made of medical steel.

Price: $ 20
Weight plate pendant with skull Material: 925 sterling silver
Diameter: 34 mm

Weight: 21 grams

The inscription on the other side: “Go hard or go home”

The price is only for the pendant.

Price: $ 90
Pendant-Dumbbell in hand
Can be attributed to the gift of the athlete with his own hands. The dumbbell is easily removed and replaced by another.
Material: medical steel
Height: 50 mm

Width: 37 mm

Thickness: about 12mm

Weight: 50 grams

The price is only for the pendant.

Price: 65 dollars
Fox tail chain
Very unusual gift to the athlete and not only. Fits most men.
Material: medical steel
Width 9×9 mm

Length: 60 cm

Weight: 150 grams

Price: $ 88
There are options of silver of various lengths and thickness
Sport cufflinks Material: 925 sterling silver
Diameter; 15 mm

Pair weight: 11 grams

Can be done without blackening.

Price: 89 dollars

To please the sports man for birthday

Choosing a gift for an athlete’s birthday or other holiday is not such an easy task. This holiday is special and very personal for each of us. Whoever perceives it and what they say, it remains the only personal holiday of the year. You can choose a good sports gift in our store in a different price range, which is determined by the complexity of the product and material.

Our sports pendants are made of two basic materials – medical stainless steel and silver. There is a small part of the pendants made of titanium and a little more in the presence of gold pendants. From gold we can make any of our products and products according to your sketch under the order. A gift to the athlete on his birthday in the form of a sports pendant will be the best gift. We recommend to buy our clones from the chain we have, which would then not waste your time looking for the right one.

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Men’s sports. Gifts

Gift boxer
For the boxer in our assortment there are several types of pendants of Boxing gloves we Make of silver, medical steel and gold.
Gift to football player.
For football player there are two kinds of pendants soccer balls with blackening and without Medical steel, silver and gold. Mainly silver.
Gift for the hockey player.
For a hockey player there is a pendant in the form of a hockey skate only made of silver and gold.
Gift fighter.
Fighter from our range goes well pendants singani Their silver and gold, manufacturing of steel.
Gift to wrestler.
For fighters there is a beautiful medallion with wrestlers and the motivating inscription only silver and under the order from gold.
Gift to bodybuilder.
For bodybuilders, there are many pendants in the form of a silhouette inflated torso and sports equipment Silver, titanium, medical .steel and gold.
Gift to powerlifter.
For powerlifters a large number of pendants in the form of rods, pancakes and detailed lifters. The above materials.

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Bodybuilding gift ideas

We want to offer you a line of sports jewelry from the manufacturer with the largest range in the world, which is constantly updated. In addition to sports jewelry, we have begun to appear chains and bracelets sports theme, classic weaving and original design, the choice of which is also cause a break in the number of choices. Here you will find a huge number of sports pendants in the form of dumbbells, barbells, discs from the bar, Boxing gloves and many others.

We specializiruetsya on the decorations for the athletes and our production debugged it for them, as well as such related products as chains and bracelets. Most of the chains of our production are suitable for our pendants, but there are chains that are more recommended to be worn without them, such as massive chains, chains with different patterns and designs (skulls, tiger heads, lions…). With bracelets we have another situation-most are suitable for wearing without pendants, and wearing pendants on the bracelet-a rarity.

What to give the coach bodybuilder

– We carry out products from materials: gold, silver, medical steel and Titan,

– We make individual orders according to your wishes,

-Sent around the world any convenient methods,

– We constantly expand the range,

– We monitor the quality.

If you choose a gift to coach and doubt the choice of pendant, you can always consider a bracelet or chain classic weaving or design. It is possible to order a chain or bracelet of your own design, having discussed all the details with us. Our contact information is on the website.

Since our company specializes more in sports jewelry, the greatest demand is for them. We are constantly expanding our range and will soon make jewelry for all sports, including little common.

Always listen to the wishes and opinions of customers. In our assortment there are already products made once at the request of the client and found sympathy in many.

As for the gift to the coach, then there is a choice for you. For all time of training you have should have a minimal knowledge of his habits and tastes.

But, if you have doubts or you are confused in our assortment, we are always ready to suggest you the most suitable gift option, based on the minimum information about it from you.

A gift to the bodybuilder on the day of birth

Gifts for men athletes by the end of this year there are much more compared to last year.

There are many bracelets for athletes, and bracelets are classic and original weaving.
The range of chains from silver and steel of various weaving increased. Now pick up the chain under any of our pendant is not difficult.
Significantly increased the range of sporting pendants. The top pendant deadlifts, pendant squat, bench, pendants with bear, and many other
Increased the quality of leather cords and now they are available in brown and Royal blue with a diameter of 3,4,5,6 mm. to order it is possible to produce thicker
Choosing a new year gift to a man athlete is recommended to immediately pick up in our store related products, such as pendants to choose a chain or leather cord, so as not to waste time searching.

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The pendant-arm Wrestling.

Material: 925 sterling silver
Dimensions: 20x35x9 mm
Weight: 20 grams.

Gold dumbbell with cubic Zirconia.

Material: gold 585 (sample available)
Stones: cubic Zirconia pink and transparent 142 PCs.
Length: 22mm
Weight: 5 grams.

Bench Press powerlifter pendant.

Material: medical steel with blackening
Diameter: 34mm
Thickness: 4.5 mm
Weight: 15 grams
Inscription on the other side:”no pain no gain”.

Barbell pendant.

Material: 925 sterling silver
Length: 40mm
Weight: 15 grams
There are chains and cords for pendants.

Bismarck chain with black.

Chain netting Bismarck silver black 925
Length: 60cm
Width: 6.5 mm
Weight: 42 grams
Well suited for most of our pendants with black.

Gold gloves

Material: 585 gold red
The altitude of gloves with the ring: 18 mm
Glove width 11 mm
Weight: 10 grams

Fitness girl pendant, fitness bikini

Material: 925 sterling silver

Height: 33 mm + 9 mm eyelet
Weight: 12 grams.

Sports jewelry titanium nitride
Bodybuilding jewelry gold Fitness gift

Crossfit jewelry

Crossfit jewelry

Almost everyone knows that crossfit is a strength and conditioning exercise program consisting mainly of a mix of aerobic exercise, body weight exercise, and weight lifting. Crossfit is a relatively new sport, which gained popularity rather quickly in many developed countries, especially in USA.

Based on this statistics a question arises: “What would be a great present for a crossfit athlete or a trainer?”

Choosing sports jewelry and accessories or sports nutrition supplements as a gift would be reasonable. We are offering sports jewelry for sportsmen. In our line of sports jewelry, you will find items related to almost each kind of sport. We also have many items of crossfit-related jewelry, such as a truck tire pendant, a dumbbell pendant, a barbell pendant and other items. For every pendant we offer a wide range of chains and leather necklaces.

Also we are offering a decent amount of bracelets suited for crossfit athletes, for example  – a bracelet with a dumbbell.

Sports jewelry Bracelets silver

Sports jewelry stainless steel

Sports jewelry silver

Sports jewelry titanium nitride

Fitness jewelry bracelet photo

Crossfit necklace

For crossfit enthusiasts we have a lot of interesting sports pendants to choose from, ranging from a simple dumbbell pendant to a very detailed pendant of an athlete performing a deadlift. Any pendant is worn on a chain or on a necklace, that is why we are providing you with a wide range of chains made of stainless steel or silver to choose from.

For male crossfit athletes we recommend to buy necklaces in medium or large size, and around 0.3 – 1 inches in thickness. The most popular necklace in our store is Bismarck chain necklace made of silver. Most of the crossfit related pendants have darkening, which adds definition to our jewelry.

For female crossfit athletes we recommend to buy necklaces in medium or small size. The thickness of the necklaces should be around 0.5 inches. We provide big assortment of women’s sports pendants. In our store anyone will find an item that suits them best. The most popular women’s necklace in our store is a snake chain necklace. This chain is round and is made of silver or stainless steel. Such necklace would look best with a silver pendant with crystals on it.

We consider the Tire Pendant to be the most fitting crossfit-related item. We provide such pendant in silver version, which looks just like a mini-version of a real tire.

Crossfit gift ideas

One of the most original gifts for a sportsman or an athlete would be something that follows his philosophy and lifestyle. The main types of product in our store, sports-related pendants, bracelets and chains are exactly what you are looking for.

Because sport and fitness become more and more popular each day, attracting more and more people to join healthy lifestyle – sports-related gifts become highly demanded. Of course, the best gift would be something original, unusual and unforgettable, but it is not always easy to find the gift you are looking for. You can always get sports nutrition supplements, a t-shirt or something else that already became an obvious thing to get for a sportsman. On the other hand, you have an option of getting a better sports-related gift, such as a pendant – which would definitely get noticed and be remembered by the person you are getting it for.

For someone who enjoys fitness you could get jewelry in form of a barbell or a dumbbell, for a boxer – boxing gloves, for a female athlete a pendant in form of a fitness bikini contestant or a pendant with cubic zirconia incrustation on it. In our store you will find jewelry for any taste and wallet (price depends on the material and design).

Crossfit gift

A dumbbell keychain would be a great gift for any athlete. You can carry such keychain in your pocket with your keys, or hang it on your sports bag or even place it somewhere in your car. Many athletes around the world favor a dumbbell as an exercise equipment. You can always carry a miniature dumbbell with you if you buy one of our pendants.

Weight plate keychain is another great item, which is also very popular in our store. Weight plate is a very important sports equipment. With weight plates you can manage the weight of your loaded barbell, or can exercise with just the weight plate only. In our store, you will find big assortment of such items in different sizes, made of different materials. Inscriptions on the items can be altered.

Barbell keychain is one of the three most in-demand jewelry items in our store. We are offering big amounts of barbell keychains, different in sizes and designs. We recommend you to buy barbell keychains made of stainless steel, because this material is very durable, looks similar to silver and does not change its appearance with time.

Kettlebell pendant. Kellebell is also an exercise equipment that crossfitters use. We have 3 kinds of kettlebell pendants in silver or stainless steel versions.

Short history of crossfit

A married couple, Greg Glassman and Lauren Jenai, first came up with the idea of crossfit in 1996. The idea became reality 4 years later, when the pair registered CrossFit, inc. Despite of many difficulties (the pair eventually split up) that were on crossfit’s path to establishing itself, crossfit gained a loyal following of fans around the world. Today crossfit is one of the most popular trademarks, owned by CrossFit, inc. Crossfit is being promoted as not only a new kind of fitness system, but also as a team competitive sport.

Which sports equipment is being used in the gyms?

Crossfit uses exercises performed in multiple disciplines. Usually you will find the following kinds of exercise equipment in the gym:

  • barbells with different sized weigt plates;
  • dumbbells;
  • weight cuffs and straps for arms, legs and waist;
  • gymnastics rings;
  • skipping rope;
  • pull-up system;
  • rowing machines;
  • exercise mat;
  • step-platforms;
  • expander;
  • medicine balls;
  • A hammer;
  • chains;
  • truck tires;
  • treadmills…

Barbell pendant

Barbell pendant silver Bodybuilding gift

Barbell pendant Fitness motivation

Barbell pendant

We are offering you the widest assortment of sports-related jewelry in the world. In this article we are going to talk about the barbell pendant. This is one of the most popular items amongst fitness and sports lovers. The barbell classifies as the classic exercise equipment, used in many sports.

In our store, you will find many barbell pendants to choose from. We are producing these pendants out of four safe materials such as silver, gold, stainless steel and titanium.  There is an option of making custom order of such pendant in platinum version by request.

Most people prefer jewelry made of stainless steel and silver. We have the most jewelry, bracelets and chains to offer made of these materials. The very first silver jewelry was found in Middle Eastern states territory. It turned out the jewelry lay buried in the ground for around 6 thousand years. Stainless steel in jewelry making appeared around the end of XX century and quickly became very popular. Stainless steel has several advantages over silver, such as increased hardness and durability.

Barbell necklace

We recommend you to buy a necklace or a chain to go with your chosen pendant. Our product range would allow you to find the best fit. The barbell necklace would be the perfect gift for someone who enjoys fitness. You can buy a set for yourself or your fitness trainer. We have our own workshop, which helps us make our product quality far superior than the china-produced analogs that do not come anywhere near close in quality to our product.

Another great choice would be leather necklace to fit your chosen pendant. We use only genuine leather. The most in-demand color of such necklaces is black. The leather necklace’s thickness is around 0,12-0,24 inches. You can choose the length of your necklace, usually it is 20-24 inches long. Maximum length is 26 inches long.

We have a wide range of necklaces in stainless steel. We would be glad to help you find the best necklace for any barbell pendant you choose.  In silver we have the most in-demand types of chains. The best fit for a barbell encrusted with crystals would be the types of chains such as a snake chain or a Bismarck chain. For other barbell pendants a good fit would be a Bismarck, an anchor, a snake and other types of chains.

A gift for a trainer

If you are practicing with a trainer and recognize the part he takes in perfecting your body, then buying sports jewelry as a “thank you” to him or her would be a great gift. Any teacher takes pride in the results his student achieves. What could be better than getting a gift from the student? Something that is original and useful, something that is not typical, something he will see as gratitude from you. You can get your trainer a gift for a special occasion such as birthday or any other celebration, or even without any occasion, just because you recognize your trainer’s hard work.

Nowadays your choice is not limited by little some things that don’t bring any message with it. You can get something that actually has a meaning and would be appreciated and remembered by the person you are giving it to.

Probably anyone at least once got a useless gift, but did not say anything because you did not want to offend the gift giver. Maybe even you one time were that person who gave a useless gift, probably because you did not have enough time to think it through, or because of other reasons. Some people do not like to spend a lot of time thinking and choosing what to get as a present, or simply do not know what would be the best gift, others love to spend huge amounts of time looking for just the perfect gift.

Gold barbell pendant

Any jewelry made out of gold is a very generous and luxurious gift. If you have love and appreciation the person you are getting a present for – then the gold jewelry would be the best gift. If you are ready to buy gold sports jewelry as a gift for a sportsman, we recommend you to browse our store and choose one from our wide range of assortment, or make an order of a gift with your custom design.

Silver barbell pendant

Silver is a very popular material in jewelry making. Silver jewelry is a valuable gift you will not regret getting. Most people will gladly welcome a gift made of such noble metal.  If you have a special occasion coming, we recommend you to browse our store and choose an original gift, such as a chain, a pendant, a keychain pendant of a set of two or more items.

A gift for a sportsman

We are offering a list of our main products we have in our store:

Dumbbell pendant One of the most in-demand items in our store Our pendants are made of silver, stainless steel, titanium, gold. Also an option of encrusting the item with cubic zirconia. Different sizes and designs. Always in stock.
Barbell pendant One of the most popular designs is a curved barbell. Made of silver, gold, stainless steel, or titanium. Also and option of encrusting with cubic zirconia (different colors to choose from). Wide range of designs, sizes and prices.
Barbell plate pendant The most in-demand item #2 in our store, on par with barbell pendant in popularity. Made of stainless steel, silver or gold, with an option of encrusting with cubic zirconia. Different inscriptions on weight plates, made in 5 different sizes.
Fitness pendants All pendants that relate to fitness and healthy lifestyle. Made out of 4 of our main materials. Gold version – as a custom order by request. Huge assortment of pendants with different designs.
Sports pendants Pendants related to different kinds of sport such as: boxing, running, football, etc. Always in stock items made of silver or stainless steel. Some of the items we have in gold versions. We actively work on enlarging our line, adding more pendants suited for other kinds of sport.
Chains Decent amount of chains suited for any of our pendants or pendants made by other brands. Usually, we make our chains out of stainless steel and silver. Gold chains – by request. We have different patterns of chains, starting with classic types and up to designer styles.
Bracelets for female athletes A line of sports related bracelets made of silver, stainless steel, leather and using natural stones. The most popular items are bracelets with a barbell or a dumbbell. We offer an option of making your custom bracelet by request.
Leather necklaces We use genuine leather of different colors. The most popular colors are black, brown and deep blue. The necklace thickness is 3-8 mm. The length up to 65 cm. There is an option of a simple leather necklace. Leather necklace goes well with any pendants. All you have to decide on is the thickness and length of the necklace.


Barbell pendant silver buy

Bull pendant Barbell pendant

Bracelet barbell silver Gym jewelry

Similar sports-related jewelry

Dumbbell pendant

A pendant in form of a dumbbell is one of the most popular items in our store. Such pendant we make using one of our 4 main materials: titanium, stainless steel, silver and gold. Another option is dumbbell pendant made of gold or silver with cubic zirconia encrustations.

Dumbbell pendant Bodybuilding pendant

Weight plate pendant

In our store, we have more than 15 versions of different weight plate pendants made of one of 3 of our main materials: stainless steel, silver or gold, also with an option of cubic zirconia or Swarovski crystals encrustations. Weight plate pendant is one of the 3 most popular pendants in our store.  We provide an option of changing inscription on the pendant.

Bodybuilding pendant

This pendant is in form of a bodybuilder athlete. We produce this pendant out of stainless steel, silver or gold. One type of such pendant is of a bodybuilder standing on a weight plate. We have 3 different types of bodybuilder pendants. If you request custom pendant we can change the form and sizing of the pendant.

Barbell pendant Sports gift ideas