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leather Stainless steel Thor's hammer bracelet

Thor’s hammer and wolf bracelet

The bracelet is made of stainless steel and genuine leather. At the base of the skin is fixed and re-oiled
Mens sports bracelets stainless steel

Dumbbell Bracelet Powerlifting gift

Material: stainless steel. Golden color-nitride titanium plating. Length: 9 inch - 23 cm. Diameter of dumbbell: 0.63 inches (16 mm). Weight: about 80 grams.
Bracelet dumbbell Sports gift

Dumbbell Bracelet purple agate (gray dumbbell)

Dumbbell material: stainless steel Beads: 0.4 inch (10 mm) white agate) Length: 7.1 inch-18cm (order up to 9.4 inch - 23cm)
Large bracelet Gift coach

Huge stainless steel bracelet, titanium Dumbbell

Massive bracelet, suitable for large people. Made of stainless steel. The disks of a dumbbell made of titanium. The rod
Thor's hammer bracelet Sport jewelry

Bracelet “Thor’s Hammer-Dumbbell-Wolf”

The bracelet is made of stainless steel and genuine leather. The dumbbell is removed and disassembled. At the base of
Skull dumbbell bracelet buy

Skull bracelet and dumbbell Sports gift Fitness jewelry

Made of stainless steel. Links are made in the form of skulls. Each link has 4 skulls. The dumbbell is
Sports lovers bracelet Sport jewelry

Sport fitness bracelet for men and women

The bracelet is made of genuine leather and stainless steel. For leather cord 4 mm – 0.16 inch dumbbell with
Dumbbell bracelet Gifts for sporty girls Silver

Dumbbell bracelet for women and men

Material: stainless steel. The diameter of the bracelet is 7 mm 0.28 inch, the diameter of the dumbbell 12 mm
fighter gift stainless steel

Steel and leather bracelet Boxing gloves

Made of genuine leather with a diameter of 6mm – 0.24 inch. Glove and clasp material: stainless steel. Yellow is
Powerlifting bracelet Bodybuilding gift

Leather and steel bracelet Sports gift

The bracelet is made of genuine leather and steel. Barbell length: about 60mm – 2.36 inch. Cord width: 6mm –
Barbell bracelets Sports gift for girls

Sport bracelet leather + steel

The bracelet is made of genuine leather and stainless steel. Small bracelet: leather lace 4mm (0.16 inch) – dumbbell width
Barbell bracelets Fitness gift

Leather bracelet + collapsible stainless steel dumbbell

The bracelet is made of genuine leather with a thickness of 8 mm – 0.3 inches. Stainless steel fasteners and
Men's Stainless steel bracelets Skull buy

Stainless steel skull bracelet

Length 22cm-8.66 inch. Bracelet width 13 mm-0.51 inch, skull width 22 mm-0.87 inch. The weight is 75 grams.
Stainless steel bracelet Big photo

Wide stainless steel bracelet

This model of steel bracelet is suitable for men weighing 90 kg. Length 23 cm-9.06 inches. Width 16 mm-0.63 inches. The thickness of the 8 mm-0.31 inches. A weight of 100 grams.
Big Stainless steel bracelet buy

Steel bracelet with strong magnetic lock

Bracelet steel bracelet with a convenient and strong magnetic closure. The lock is very reliable and strong. Length 22 cm-8.66 inches. Width 12 mm-0.47 inches. The thickness of the 6 mm-0.24 inches. Weight about 90 grams.
Stainless steel bracelets hk

Stainless steel plate bracelet

The bracelet is made of stainless steel. Length 21 cm-8.27 inches. Width 11 mm-0.43 inches. The thickness of the 5 mm-0.2 inches. Weight about 40 grams.
Stainless steel bracelet photo Men's

Steel bracelet

Made of medical (stainless, surgical) steel. The standard length of the bracelet is 20 cm - 7.97 inches (choose the right one). Width about 8 mm, or 0.35 inches. Weight 45 grams.