Crossfit jewelry

Crossfit jewelry

Almost everyone knows that crossfit is a strength and conditioning exercise program consisting mainly of a mix of aerobic exercise, body weight exercise, and weight lifting. Crossfit is a relatively new sport, which gained popularity rather quickly in many developed countries, especially in USA.

Based on this statistics a question arises: “What would be a great present for a crossfit athlete or a trainer?”

Choosing sports jewelry and accessories or sports nutrition supplements as a gift would be reasonable. We are offering sports jewelry for sportsmen. In our line of sports jewelry, you will find items related to almost each kind of sport. We also have many items of crossfit-related jewelry, such as a truck tire pendant, a dumbbell pendant, a barbell pendant and other items. For every pendant we offer a wide range of chains and leather necklaces.

Also we are offering a decent amount of bracelets suited for crossfit athletes, for example  – a bracelet with a dumbbell.

Sports jewelry Bracelets silver

Sports jewelry stainless steel

Sports jewelry silver

Sports jewelry titanium nitride

Fitness jewelry bracelet photo

Crossfit necklace

For crossfit enthusiasts we have a lot of interesting sports pendants to choose from, ranging from a simple dumbbell pendant to a very detailed pendant of an athlete performing a deadlift. Any pendant is worn on a chain or on a necklace, that is why we are providing you with a wide range of chains made of stainless steel or silver to choose from.

For male crossfit athletes we recommend to buy necklaces in medium or large size, and around 0.3 – 1 inches in thickness. The most popular necklace in our store is Bismarck chain necklace made of silver. Most of the crossfit related pendants have darkening, which adds definition to our jewelry.

For female crossfit athletes we recommend to buy necklaces in medium or small size. The thickness of the necklaces should be around 0.5 inches. We provide big assortment of women’s sports pendants. In our store anyone will find an item that suits them best. The most popular women’s necklace in our store is a snake chain necklace. This chain is round and is made of silver or stainless steel. Such necklace would look best with a silver pendant with crystals on it.

We consider the Tire Pendant to be the most fitting crossfit-related item. We provide such pendant in silver version, which looks just like a mini-version of a real tire.

Crossfit gift ideas

One of the most original gifts for a sportsman or an athlete would be something that follows his philosophy and lifestyle. The main types of product in our store, sports-related pendants, bracelets and chains are exactly what you are looking for.

Because sport and fitness become more and more popular each day, attracting more and more people to join healthy lifestyle – sports-related gifts become highly demanded. Of course, the best gift would be something original, unusual and unforgettable, but it is not always easy to find the gift you are looking for. You can always get sports nutrition supplements, a t-shirt or something else that already became an obvious thing to get for a sportsman. On the other hand, you have an option of getting a better sports-related gift, such as a pendant – which would definitely get noticed and be remembered by the person you are getting it for.

For someone who enjoys fitness you could get jewelry in form of a barbell or a dumbbell, for a boxer – boxing gloves, for a female athlete a pendant in form of a fitness bikini contestant or a pendant with cubic zirconia incrustation on it. In our store you will find jewelry for any taste and wallet (price depends on the material and design).

Crossfit gift

A dumbbell keychain would be a great gift for any athlete. You can carry such keychain in your pocket with your keys, or hang it on your sports bag or even place it somewhere in your car. Many athletes around the world favor a dumbbell as an exercise equipment. You can always carry a miniature dumbbell with you if you buy one of our pendants.

Weight plate keychain is another great item, which is also very popular in our store. Weight plate is a very important sports equipment. With weight plates you can manage the weight of your loaded barbell, or can exercise with just the weight plate only. In our store, you will find big assortment of such items in different sizes, made of different materials. Inscriptions on the items can be altered.

Barbell keychain is one of the three most in-demand jewelry items in our store. We are offering big amounts of barbell keychains, different in sizes and designs. We recommend you to buy barbell keychains made of stainless steel, because this material is very durable, looks similar to silver and does not change its appearance with time.

Kettlebell pendant. Kellebell is also an exercise equipment that crossfitters use. We have 3 kinds of kettlebell pendants in silver or stainless steel versions.

Short history of crossfit

A married couple, Greg Glassman and Lauren Jenai, first came up with the idea of crossfit in 1996. The idea became reality 4 years later, when the pair registered CrossFit, inc. Despite of many difficulties (the pair eventually split up) that were on crossfit’s path to establishing itself, crossfit gained a loyal following of fans around the world. Today crossfit is one of the most popular trademarks, owned by CrossFit, inc. Crossfit is being promoted as not only a new kind of fitness system, but also as a team competitive sport.

Which sports equipment is being used in the gyms?

Crossfit uses exercises performed in multiple disciplines. Usually you will find the following kinds of exercise equipment in the gym:

  • barbells with different sized weigt plates;
  • dumbbells;
  • weight cuffs and straps for arms, legs and waist;
  • gymnastics rings;
  • skipping rope;
  • pull-up system;
  • rowing machines;
  • exercise mat;
  • step-platforms;
  • expander;
  • medicine balls;
  • A hammer;
  • chains;
  • truck tires;
  • treadmills…

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