Barbell pendant

Barbell pendant silver Bodybuilding gift

Barbell pendant Fitness motivation

Barbell pendant

We are offering you the widest assortment of sports-related jewelry in the world. In this article we are going to talk about the barbell pendant. This is one of the most popular items amongst fitness and sports lovers. The barbell classifies as the classic exercise equipment, used in many sports.

In our store, you will find many barbell pendants to choose from. We are producing these pendants out of four safe materials such as silver, gold, stainless steel and titanium.  There is an option of making custom order of such pendant in platinum version by request.

Most people prefer jewelry made of stainless steel and silver. We have the most jewelry, bracelets and chains to offer made of these materials. The very first silver jewelry was found in Middle Eastern states territory. It turned out the jewelry lay buried in the ground for around 6 thousand years. Stainless steel in jewelry making appeared around the end of XX century and quickly became very popular. Stainless steel has several advantages over silver, such as increased hardness and durability.

Barbell necklace

We recommend you to buy a necklace or a chain to go with your chosen pendant. Our product range would allow you to find the best fit. The barbell necklace would be the perfect gift for someone who enjoys fitness. You can buy a set for yourself or your fitness trainer. We have our own workshop, which helps us make our product quality far superior than the china-produced analogs that do not come anywhere near close in quality to our product.

Another great choice would be leather necklace to fit your chosen pendant. We use only genuine leather. The most in-demand color of such necklaces is black. The leather necklace’s thickness is around 0,12-0,24 inches. You can choose the length of your necklace, usually it is 20-24 inches long. Maximum length is 26 inches long.

We have a wide range of necklaces in stainless steel. We would be glad to help you find the best necklace for any barbell pendant you choose.  In silver we have the most in-demand types of chains. The best fit for a barbell encrusted with crystals would be the types of chains such as a snake chain or a Bismarck chain. For other barbell pendants a good fit would be a Bismarck, an anchor, a snake and other types of chains.

A gift for a trainer

If you are practicing with a trainer and recognize the part he takes in perfecting your body, then buying sports jewelry as a “thank you” to him or her would be a great gift. Any teacher takes pride in the results his student achieves. What could be better than getting a gift from the student? Something that is original and useful, something that is not typical, something he will see as gratitude from you. You can get your trainer a gift for a special occasion such as birthday or any other celebration, or even without any occasion, just because you recognize your trainer’s hard work.

Nowadays your choice is not limited by little some things that don’t bring any message with it. You can get something that actually has a meaning and would be appreciated and remembered by the person you are giving it to.

Probably anyone at least once got a useless gift, but did not say anything because you did not want to offend the gift giver. Maybe even you one time were that person who gave a useless gift, probably because you did not have enough time to think it through, or because of other reasons. Some people do not like to spend a lot of time thinking and choosing what to get as a present, or simply do not know what would be the best gift, others love to spend huge amounts of time looking for just the perfect gift.

Gold barbell pendant

Any jewelry made out of gold is a very generous and luxurious gift. If you have love and appreciation the person you are getting a present for – then the gold jewelry would be the best gift. If you are ready to buy gold sports jewelry as a gift for a sportsman, we recommend you to browse our store and choose one from our wide range of assortment, or make an order of a gift with your custom design.

Silver barbell pendant

Silver is a very popular material in jewelry making. Silver jewelry is a valuable gift you will not regret getting. Most people will gladly welcome a gift made of such noble metal.  If you have a special occasion coming, we recommend you to browse our store and choose an original gift, such as a chain, a pendant, a keychain pendant of a set of two or more items.

A gift for a sportsman

We are offering a list of our main products we have in our store:

Dumbbell pendant One of the most in-demand items in our store Our pendants are made of silver, stainless steel, titanium, gold. Also an option of encrusting the item with cubic zirconia. Different sizes and designs. Always in stock.
Barbell pendant One of the most popular designs is a curved barbell. Made of silver, gold, stainless steel, or titanium. Also and option of encrusting with cubic zirconia (different colors to choose from). Wide range of designs, sizes and prices.
Barbell plate pendant The most in-demand item #2 in our store, on par with barbell pendant in popularity. Made of stainless steel, silver or gold, with an option of encrusting with cubic zirconia. Different inscriptions on weight plates, made in 5 different sizes.
Fitness pendants All pendants that relate to fitness and healthy lifestyle. Made out of 4 of our main materials. Gold version – as a custom order by request. Huge assortment of pendants with different designs.
Sports pendants Pendants related to different kinds of sport such as: boxing, running, football, etc. Always in stock items made of silver or stainless steel. Some of the items we have in gold versions. We actively work on enlarging our line, adding more pendants suited for other kinds of sport.
Chains Decent amount of chains suited for any of our pendants or pendants made by other brands. Usually, we make our chains out of stainless steel and silver. Gold chains – by request. We have different patterns of chains, starting with classic types and up to designer styles.
Bracelets for female athletes A line of sports related bracelets made of silver, stainless steel, leather and using natural stones. The most popular items are bracelets with a barbell or a dumbbell. We offer an option of making your custom bracelet by request.
Leather necklaces We use genuine leather of different colors. The most popular colors are black, brown and deep blue. The necklace thickness is 3-8 mm. The length up to 65 cm. There is an option of a simple leather necklace. Leather necklace goes well with any pendants. All you have to decide on is the thickness and length of the necklace.


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Similar sports-related jewelry

Dumbbell pendant

A pendant in form of a dumbbell is one of the most popular items in our store. Such pendant we make using one of our 4 main materials: titanium, stainless steel, silver and gold. Another option is dumbbell pendant made of gold or silver with cubic zirconia encrustations.

Dumbbell pendant Bodybuilding pendant

Weight plate pendant

In our store, we have more than 15 versions of different weight plate pendants made of one of 3 of our main materials: stainless steel, silver or gold, also with an option of cubic zirconia or Swarovski crystals encrustations. Weight plate pendant is one of the 3 most popular pendants in our store.  We provide an option of changing inscription on the pendant.

Bodybuilding pendant

This pendant is in form of a bodybuilder athlete. We produce this pendant out of stainless steel, silver or gold. One type of such pendant is of a bodybuilder standing on a weight plate. We have 3 different types of bodybuilder pendants. If you request custom pendant we can change the form and sizing of the pendant.

Barbell pendant Sports gift ideas


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