Bodybuilding gift ideas

We want to offer you a line of sports jewelry from the manufacturer with the largest range in the world, which is constantly updated. In addition to sports jewelry, we have begun to appear chains and bracelets sports theme, classic weaving and original design, the choice of which is also cause a break in the number of choices. Here you will find a huge number of sports pendants in the form of dumbbells, barbells, discs from the bar, Boxing gloves and many others.

We specializiruetsya on the decorations for the athletes and our production debugged it for them, as well as such related products as chains and bracelets. Most of the chains of our production are suitable for our pendants, but there are chains that are more recommended to be worn without them, such as massive chains, chains with different patterns and designs (skulls, tiger heads, lions…). With bracelets we have another situation-most are suitable for wearing without pendants, and wearing pendants on the bracelet-a rarity.

What to give the coach bodybuilder

– We carry out products from materials: gold, silver, medical steel and Titan,

– We make individual orders according to your wishes,

-Sent around the world any convenient methods,

– We constantly expand the range,

– We monitor the quality.

If you choose a gift to coach and doubt the choice of pendant, you can always consider a bracelet or chain classic weaving or design. It is possible to order a chain or bracelet of your own design, having discussed all the details with us. Our contact information is on the website.

Since our company specializes more in sports jewelry, the greatest demand is for them. We are constantly expanding our range and will soon make jewelry for all sports, including little common.

Always listen to the wishes and opinions of customers. In our assortment there are already products made once at the request of the client and found sympathy in many.

As for the gift to the coach, then there is a choice for you. For all time of training you have should have a minimal knowledge of his habits and tastes.

But, if you have doubts or you are confused in our assortment, we are always ready to suggest you the most suitable gift option, based on the minimum information about it from you.

A gift to the bodybuilder on the day of birth

Gifts for men athletes by the end of this year there are much more compared to last year.

There are many bracelets for athletes, and bracelets are classic and original weaving.
The range of chains from silver and steel of various weaving increased. Now pick up the chain under any of our pendant is not difficult.
Significantly increased the range of sporting pendants. The top pendant deadlifts, pendant squat, bench, pendants with bear, and many other
Increased the quality of leather cords and now they are available in brown and Royal blue with a diameter of 3,4,5,6 mm. to order it is possible to produce thicker
Choosing a new year gift to a man athlete is recommended to immediately pick up in our store related products, such as pendants to choose a chain or leather cord, so as not to waste time searching.

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The pendant-arm Wrestling.

Material: 925 sterling silver
Dimensions: 20x35x9 mm
Weight: 20 grams.

Gold dumbbell with cubic Zirconia.

Material: gold 585 (sample available)
Stones: cubic Zirconia pink and transparent 142 PCs.
Length: 22mm
Weight: 5 grams.

Bench Press powerlifter pendant.

Material: medical steel with blackening
Diameter: 34mm
Thickness: 4.5 mm
Weight: 15 grams
Inscription on the other side:”no pain no gain”.

Barbell pendant.

Material: 925 sterling silver
Length: 40mm
Weight: 15 grams
There are chains and cords for pendants.

Bismarck chain with black.

Chain netting Bismarck silver black 925
Length: 60cm
Width: 6.5 mm
Weight: 42 grams
Well suited for most of our pendants with black.

Gold gloves

Material: 585 gold red
The altitude of gloves with the ring: 18 mm
Glove width 11 mm
Weight: 10 grams

Fitness girl pendant, fitness bikini

Material: 925 sterling silver

Height: 33 mm + 9 mm eyelet
Weight: 12 grams.

Sports jewelry titanium nitride
Bodybuilding jewelry gold Fitness gift

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