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Sports gifts

We have the biggest range of assortment of fitness and sports related jewelry in the world, and we continue to work on adding new items to our store and making our assortment grow. The items that gather most popularity in our store are pendants in form of dumbbells, barbell weight plates and barbells.

We provide many more original themed pendants, such as deadlift pendant, bull with a barbell pendant, bodybuilder pendant, fitness bikini model pendant and many, many more.  While producing our product we give maximum attention and precision into making the most detailed design.

Most items of jewelry have darkening to make details of design stand out more, but we also provide and option of making any pendants out of gold or without any darkening.

We are open to making custom orders. For a custom order, you have to remember that you need to start way ahead of the gift-giving date, because modeling, discussion and other production moments take quite some time. We make custom orders of any level of complexity and of any precious metals.

Necklace steel sports jewelry..
Necklace stainless steel sports jewelry

Sports-related gift as a birthday present

Our most popular item, as we mentioned earlier, are pendants of the most famous sports equipment you can find in any gym, and additional equipment from several types of sports, such as a barbell pendant, a dumbbell pendant and barbell weight plates pendant.

Next in terms of popularity follow the pendants with complex detailing: boxing gloves pendant, a ball pendant, deadlift pendant and many other.

Next come chains and bracelets. They are a little less in demand, and it is understandably so, because usually you already have a chain or a leather bracelet and are just looking for a pendant to go with it, something original and stylish.

We are sure you will find in our store something very special for yourself or for the person you are looking to get something as a gift.

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Sports gift for men


Material: stainless steel.

Diameter: 1,34 inches.

Width: 0.12 inches.

Weight: 18 grams.

Perfect for the athlete, bodybuilder, powerlifting, weightlifting.
BODYBUILDER PENDANT Material: stainless steel.

Width: 1.7 inch (43mm).

Height: 1.35 inch (34mm).

Weight: 30 grams.

The best sports pendant for the bodybuilder. There are options of silver and gold.

Length: 2.3 inch (58mm).

Width: 0.63 inch (16mm).

Weight: 45 grams.

A good gift for the athlete. Suitable for any sport.

Height: 1.6 inch (40mm) + 0.4 inch (10mm) eyelet.

Width: 1.4 inch (36mm)ю

Weight: 22 gramsю

Best pendant for strong men. Made of silver and stainless steel.
SUPERMAN PENDANT Material: 925 sterling silver

Size corners: 1.5×1.1 inch (38х29 mm) + 0.4 inch eyelet (10 mm).

Weight: 12 grams.

Believe in themselves. This mascot gives confidence in the gym.
KIMONO PENDANT Material: 925 sterling silver.

Width: 0.94 inch (24mm).

Height: 0.94 inch (24mm) + 0.35 inch (9mm) eyeletю

Weight: 7 grams.

Pendant for karate master. Such a gift is not ashamed to give the coach.
TYRE PENDANT CROSSFIT JEWELRY Material: 925 sterling silver.

Text: CrossFit is my life, on other side: faster, harder, stronger.

Diameter: 0.94 inch (24mm).

Width: 0.35 inch (9mm)).

Weight: 15 grams.

Pendant for a strong and resilient athletes. It looks like an exact replica of a tire.
BARBELL PENDANT Material: 925 sterling silver.Length: 1.6 inch (40mm).Weight: 15 grams.


The most popular pendant in our store. There are many forms and different materials.
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Gym gifts for women

Gym jewelry Women exercises pendant

Fitness gifts for women Fitness girl gifts

Squats women's pendant Dumbbell necklace

Gym gifts for women Dumbbell pendant gold

For the lovely ladies who appreciate sport, know how to express themselves through their achievements in sport and their body definition, we made a collection of the most popular items of jewelry with cubic zirconia of different colors. Now we have such pendants in form of a dumbbell, barbell weight plates and barbell, and we are working on making our collection grow.

We can make the jewelry not only with cubic zirconia, but also with other precious gems by your request. To make the jewelry more unique we added the gems in all the right places. As a result, you have jewelry that does not have anything excessive but at the same time does not look like it lacks something. By request, we make jewelry with diamonds. For more information, contact us.

Gifts for sports fans 

Sports outfits and bags. Such presents would be useful and universal for any sportsman.  Even if they already have sportswear and bags – having a new spare one would never hurt.

Sports equipment – such accessories would be a great gift also, but you have to remember that the gift has to correspond with kind of sport that person is into.

Smart watch and smart bracelets – also is one of the best gift ideas for a sportsman. Would be best for the ones that are very thorough with following their schedule.

Sports food and supplements. There are some controversy with this one, but still, getting sports supplements as a present would be also a very good gift. For example, you can get a set of vitamins, or products for muscular ligaments after traumas, or just a simple protein can for a sportsman.

Emotions a gift for a sportman.

Extremal gifts. The list of extremal activities is very long, fitting any taste. For example it can be skydiving, base jumping, rock climbing, and many, many more.

Gym membership can be sorted as a type of non-material gift, that will be remembered for a long time. If this gift would be for someone the start of achieving results, that person will be grateful to you for the rest of their live.

A ticket to sports event. This type of present could become one of the most remembered gifts for the right person. For example, a great gift for a football or a hockey fan would be getting tickets to see their favorite team play, for a boxing fan – a pass to the boxing event.

Sport pendants
Sports keychain
Sports jewelry stainless steel
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Sports gifts for him


Material: stainless steel.

Height: 1.2 inch (30mm).

Weight: 9 grams.

Perfect solution for fitness girl. You can give a fitness trainer or a friend in the gym.


The inscription on the other side of the “NO PAIN NO GAIN”.

Material: 925 sterling silver.

Diameter: 0.94 inch (24mm).

Weight: 7 grams.

Such a sports pendant can be given to a Pro-sports girl in the bodyfitness category.


Material: 925 sterling silver.

Dumbbell length: 0.83 inch (21mm).

Stones: pink cubic Zirconia, 96 PCs on a pendant with eyelet.

Weight: 6 grams.

Sports piercing in the navel in the form of a dumbbell. Perfect for sports girls.


Material: 925 sterling silver.

Length: 0.87 inch (22mm).

Weight: 4 grams.

Stones: cubic Zirconia, 142 stone pendant with eyelet.

Color: pink

A bright gift for a sporty woman. Looks great on a silver chain or leather cord.


Material: 14 Karat gold.

The text “Go hard or go home” – “No pain No gain”.

Diameter: 1 inch (25.5 mm).

Thickness: 0.03 inch (2.3 mm).

Weight: 13 grams.

A very expensive gift for your favorite athlete. Made of gold. There is an option of silver.


Material: 925 sterling silver.

Length: 1.3 inch (33mm).

Weight: 8 grams.

This sports pendant is in great demand in our store. Suitable for men and women.
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Assembling dumbbell keychain pendant 1.7 inch


Material: stainless steel. Golden color-nitride titanium plating.

Length: 1.7 inch (44mm).

Width: 0.5 inch (12mm).

Weight: 18 grams.

Bodybuilding jewelry Fitness motivation Gym gifts


Text on the other hand: “No Pain No Gain”

Material: 925 sterling silver,

Dimensions: 29x3mm, 1.14×0.12 inches

Weight: 13 grams,

The price is only for the pendant. It is possible to order yellow and white gold.

Leather cord necklace 0.16 inch


Material: Genuine leather. Specify the length and color.

Length: 16-24 inch – 40-66 cm

Cord diameter: 0.16 inch (4mm).

Clasp: stainless steel.

14-18K Gold Weight plate pendant


Material: 14 and 18 K gold (red, yellow, white gold).

Text 1 side: “Go hard or go home” – Text 2 side ” No pain no gain”

Diameter: 0.75 inch -19 mm, Thickness: 0.1 inch-2.5 mm.

Weight: 8.5-10 grams.

14 Karat gold Bodybuilding jewelry


Material: 14 Karat gold

Diameter: 1 inch (25mm)

Weight: 11 grams

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