Sports gift for New year, Christmas

Sports gift at Christmas, New year

There are many holidays and occasions for a gift, but the most ambitious is considered to be the new year, when relatives around the world give each other gifts. What if you or your loved one is an athlete? In this case, you will want to make a sports gift that matches your lifestyle. Despite the rapid growth in the popularity of a healthy lifestyle, choosing a gift on a sports theme is harder than a standard Christmas trinket.

Of course, on the sports theme can be found, too, not a few gifts, such as sportswear, accessories, expanders, fitness equipment and more, as well as stylish, original sports jewelry for every taste in our store. Without imposing a new year’s gift from our store, we still recommend to run your eyes on the range of our store and make sure of the originality and excellent quality of our jewelry for athletes. In addition, we can find many different chains, bracelets made of silver and medical stainless steel on the sports theme and classic style.

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Now it is time to proceed from your knowledge about the preferences of your athletes, and elementary to understand what kind of sport he does. The most common in our time are considered to be fitness, gyms and most of our product range is made in these areas, for example: pendant in the form of a bar, a disc from the bar or dumbbell. But, to give these decorations can not only be a fan of rocking or fitness, as well as the athlete, whose training includes work with a barbell and dumbbells. Further even easier. If you want to make a gift to the boxer, then there will be a great option pendant or key chain Boxing gloves, for the striker – pendant singani, for a football player – the soccer ball, the wrestler with the image of the wrestlers and so on.

We are confident that the right product in our store will be a great new year’s gift to the athlete, as a gift for other holidays or just – for no reason. You can contact us for details of the order, as well as seek advice in the selection of sports pendant, chain or bracelet.

We will tell you what kind of chain is suitable for a particular decoration, we will be able to send photos of these combinations, we will be able to make a bracelet with almost any of our products according to your wishes. We undertake individual orders for your photos or sketches, but we recommend to apply for such orders early, especially before the new year, as the demand for gifts increases, and the number of our hours of sleep decreases

Silver kettlebell 24 kg (half)


Material: 925 sterling silver.

Height 24 mm-0.94 inch.

Width 17 mm-0.67 inch.

Weight 14 grams.

The price is for the pendant only. The photo shows an example of chains and leather cord.

Barbell pendant 1.4 inch


Material: stainless steel

Length: 1.4 inch (35mm)

Weight: 7 grams

Wide stainless steel bracelet


This model of steel bracelet is suitable for men weighing 90 kg. Length 23 cm-9.06 inches. Width 16 mm-0.63 inches. The thickness of the 8 mm-0.31 inches. A weight of 100 grams.

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Material Physical property Our application

Stainless steel jewelry

Recently, the products of this alloy can be put in the first place on demand. It is widely used in many fields: medicine, household appliances, manufacturing and so on. This steel is very durable and does not cause allergies, which is very important in the jewelry industry. With pendants, chains or bracelets made of surgical steel, you can do the usual things for us and not worry about her appearance. Our company makes of medical steel almost all products from our range: chains, bracelets, pendants, locks for leather cords, adapters. According to the range it takes the first place in our store.

Silver chains, bracelets, pendants

Jewelry made of silver occupy a leading place in the jewelry business in history. Currently, silver products are in approximately the same demand with surgical steel. Silver is pleasing to the eye a whitish tint, easy to process, that enables jewelry masterpieces. After the steel, silver takes second place with a small margin. All new sports pendants we produce first of silver and only then of steel.

Gold pendant

Gold is a special metal with which many historical events can be correlated. Gold is used not only in jewelry, but also in many other areas, such as for expensive electronics, in space… the Demand for this metal is much lower, as not everyone can afford a pendant, bracelet or chain of this metal. Nevertheless, its beauty does not leave anyone indifferent. In our store are some popular pendants pendants made of gold. All other products we carry out under the order. In processing this metal is very pleasant and there is an opportunity to make any individual order.

Jewelry made of titanium

Titanium is a bit of a specific metal in jewelry. Very few products can be found in the form of pendants or chains from it. Its rarity is due to the very high melting point and processing complexity. It has a pleasant grayish hue and is almost 2 times lighter than steel. In our store there are several pendants and bracelets made of titanium. In the future, we will try to establish the production of jewelry made of titanium.

Leather laces, bracelets

Leather is also considered a very common material in jewelry. Usually it is used to produce bracelets and shoelaces. Sometimes create products made of steel or silver in combination with leather. It can be painted in different colors. But the most reliable and popular are black and brown. In our catalog there are several options of leather laces and bracelets. The difference is they have width, length and colors. The most a favorite all leather cord – black braided, measuring 4 mm.

Electroplating jewelry

You can cover anything and anything, but there are already generally accepted standards in the jewelry industry. For example, silver is covered with gold or rhodium, jewelry enamel is also used, for stainless steel titanium nitride coating in the color of pure gold. We use only the titanium nitride coating on the pendants. Bracelets, stainless steel chains. On request, we can cover silver with rhodium or gold.
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We offer you our range of sports jewelry. In the photo you will see a small part of our range. This sports pendants, chains and bracelets sports theme and not only leather laces.

The entire range can be found in the “Shop”. and if you have not found the right product, you can send us a request for consideration and evaluation of the individual order. In such a holiday it will be very important.

Sports gift to the man for new year and Christmas

Christmas sports gift man can be bought in our store. The main part of the range consists of sports pendants. We use anti-allergenic materials, mainly 925 sterling silver and medical stainless steel.

Gold products are often made to order, but small pendants try to keep in stock. Titanium choice pendants even less, or rather there are only 2 species – the pendant barbell and dumbbell several sizes. Such a small number of titanium products due to the fact that its casting requires a complex process and capacity, so we produce only those titanium products that can be performed by turning.

Gifts sports man for the new year and other events we have a great variety, as well as chains, bracelets, leather cords, some other products. We are always happy to advise you on any questions concerning the production and selection of products.

Sports gift to a woman for Christmas and new year

For sports girls for the new year are well suited pendants with cubic Zirconia stones. The colors of the stones can be different. If you have not found the right color of the stone on the pendant, you can make an order for the color you want.

In addition to silver sports pendants with cubic Zirconia, pendants made of silver or medical steel are well suited. The choice of pendants from these materials we have a large and easy to pick up what you need. For each suspension, we recommend to buy a chain or leather cord, so as not to waste time looking elsewhere.

More expensive Christmas gift sports girl will be pendants made of gold. In stock we have a small part of the gold pendants. If you are not satisfied with this choice, you can always order any of our gold products or send your photos or sketches for the application and evaluation of the individual orde

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1) before buying, carefully examine the material of the product and its dimensions. If you can not visually determine what product and what size will fit, contact us, we will prompt or you can see photos of pendants in public in the ” Photos”

2) before buying silverware, we recommend to know the reaction of the body to this metal. If silver quickly darkens, we advise you to choose a product with rhodium or stainless steel. Stainless steel does not cause allergies and will retain almost forever its shade.

3) when buying gold products, pay attention to its shade. Usually it is gold 585 reddish hue, but there are fans of yellow or higher sample (750). In this case, please contact us and we will produce gold products of the desired sample and color.

4) Buying titanium products, although they are few, we recommend to pay attention to its pleasant grayish hue. Titanium is not very shiny and not as white as silver. Its main advantage is a pleasant grayish color and high strength for its weight, and it weighs almost 2.5 times less than silver.

Stainless steel

5) Medical stainless steel-perhaps the best universal option for those who are not willing to spend on silver or who are allergic to it. This alloy is not afraid of environmental influences, much more resistant to scratches, does not cause allergies. Stainless steel products we have a sufficient amount for every taste.

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Preferences in sports Suitable pendants
Fitness room, healthy food. A list of universal pendants:
Pendant-dumbbell, barbell, disc from the barbell, earrings in the form of dumbbells, piercing with dumbbells, piercing with barbell.
Visit to the fitness room, performances, coach. List of universal pendants + pendant-fitness bikini, earrings-fitness bikini.
Running, participating in marathons, visiting the fitness room. List of universal pendants + pendant-running Shoe, in the form of a runner.
Doing crossfit, fitness. List of universal pendants + pendant-tire, pendant-disc from the rod with pit bull, kettlebell.
Sports with ball. A list of universal jewelry + pendant volleyball ball, basketball ball, soccer ball, ball football.
Weightlifting, powerlifting. Pendant-a pancake from the rod, pendant, barbell, dumbbell, kettlebell, key chain portable dumbbell, keychain-squat, bench press keychain, keychain-Stanovaya, keychain-pull the keychain push rod keychain.
The girl who plans to go to the gym. List of universal products and the first line of the top column.
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