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If you have friends that enjoy bodybuilding, fitness, powerlifting or any other power sport, you probably already had to face the question of what to get as gift to such sportsman. Which fitness-related gift would be the best? Internet bodybuilding and fitness shops have a lot of fitness-related paraphernalia to offer, but can you really impress anyone with that? In our store, we went deeper in the questing of fitness gifts.

What we have to offer you is a wide assortment of jewelry for sportsmen, which will become a real symbol for future victories, memorable mascots, and most definitely will surprise their future owner. Our jewelry will be a great present for bodybuilders, fitness enthusiasts, powerlifters, CrossFit athletes and many other sportsmen.

Our company is a unique brand, which specializes in making sports-related jewelry for sportsmen. We wish all the sportsmen new victories and accomplishments, good health and strong spirit, and advancement in their careers. Work to better your body while wearing our product.

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Fitness jewelry for women

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For women in our store you will find many exclusive pendants made of silver, gold, titanium and medical steel. We have our own workshop and constantly work on adding new products to our assortment range. We try to have each type of product in stock, making an order will be easy.

While choosing a gift for a girl or a woman in our shop you might get lost in our assortment range, because we really have a lot to offer. That is why we are also offering you help in looking for the best gift – just send us e-mail with her preferences and we will gladly advise you on what the best gift to get would be.

The most popular gift idea for a woman in our store is getting a pendant. The chains for said pendants come in second place. The bracelets take the third place. Next come leather bracelets, keychains, etc.

  • 1) Sports pendants made of silver or medical steel in form of barbell, dumbbell, weight-plates, squats pendant and other.
  • 2) Sports pendants in the same form as previously mentioned, but with different colored cubic zirconia incrustations on it.

All the items are made of precious metals. You can also order custom item with any gems, even diamonds.

  • 3) Very detailed pendants, such as: fitness-bikini model, fitness girl, holding dumbbells in her hands, female sportsman squatting, and various other items.

The reason such pendants take 3rd place is suitability. For example, not every female sportsman competes in fitness-bikini category, or not every woman is a fan of squats.

Fitness jewelry for men

Finding fitness jewelry for men is a very relevant question nowadays. Fitness became a part of everyday life of many people and it becomes even more popular with each year. Each of us has at least one friend that works out. If a special occasion for that friend comes along it is the right time to browse our store and find a suitable gift.  Here you will find well thought-out gifts.

All of us are unique. All of us have different relationships with each other. Not everyone wants to spend too much time looking for a gift for someone. It does not matter what we think about gifts and gift giving or the person we are getting a gift for, ultimately it is great to leave a good impression and make your effort memorable when giving a present to someone. The choice is limitless when looking for a gift, but will all gifts be useful and memorable? We are offering wide range of pendants and keychains for sportsmen in our store.

For men best pendants would be in form of barbell, or dumbbell, or a weight-plate. For a powerlifter: a deadlift pendant, a bench press pendant, a squats pendant or a weight-plate pendant and many more. For a boxer – various boxing gloves pendants.

For other kinds of sports, we have also suitable pendants, and if you did not find it here – it will probably be in stock soon. Meanwhile, you can get general types of gifts, such as barbell pendant, dumbbell pendant and many other gifts. Our range of assortment will not leave anyone indifferent. IF you yourself is a sportsman, you can get sports-related jewelry for yourself.

How to choose a fitness related gift

Obviously, you want to get a gift that will be bringing joy to the recipient, will be memorable and will remind that person about you. If the person is satisfied with the gift, on the unconscious level they will try to do something nice in return. You have to agree that going to a work out session is more exciting when you know that your trainer puts a thought into the exercise routine for you. When we do something that we enjoy the result of that work will not take long to appear. In our store, you will get a gift that will definitely not leave anyone indifferent. All you need to do is decide what you want to get.

What to get for a trainer

Here you will find many items to help choose your gift. For a fitness trainer you can get a pendant or a keychain in form of barbells, dumbbells or weight plates; for a boxing coach – boxing gloves pendant; for a soccer (football) coach – soccer ball keychain.  We plan to have jewelry for all types of sport very soon and if you cannot find a suitable gift so far, we are offering an option of making your own custom design fitness jewelry. You can contact us via e-mail, send us your photos and sketches of desired items and discuss it. Bear in mind that you should contact us at least a month prior the date you plan to have the gift on your hands. Modeling, creating a model and styling, the work, plus the delivery takes time. If there is only 3-4 days left before the gift giving date we can arrange express delivery, the prices you will find in our price list.

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