Dumbbell pendant

Dumbbell pendant. One of the most popular items in our store is dumbbell pendant. It is the very first item of jewelry that we ever made, our brand started with a dumbbell pendant. The very first dumbbell pendant that we ever made we produced in 2014 and the material that we used to make it was stainless steel. Its form resembled a classic dumbbell with round plates. Each side of the dumbbell had three plates that were different in size.

As of today, we have more than 30 types of this kind of jewelry made out of 4 materials: silver, stainless steel, gold and titanium. The design and sizes of the items vary. We have ones with round plates, different sized plates, hexagonal-shaped and even ones encrusted with crystals. You will find the most variations of items with round plates. We make those pendants in all four of our main materials that we state above. With exceptions of the dumbbells encrusted with crystals, we make these only in silver and gold versions. The hexagonal-shaped dumbbell pendants you can order in all of the materials stated above, except for titanium.

The most popular material for pendants is stainless steel and silver. These materials are ones of the most popular jewelry materials in the world, including USA and Europe. There are statistics that state most people in USA prefer pendants that are bigger in size. In our store, you will find different sizes of pendants, starting from small and up to big-sized pendants.


Sports gift Dumbbell pendant Bicep pendant

Dumbbell pendant gold Gym gifts

Bracelet dumbbell Titanium sports bracelet

Pendant dumbbell

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We are offering huge assortment of keychains for sportsmen


We are offering huge assortment of keychains for sportsmen

One of the choices for a gift for a sportsman is keychain. In our store, you will find wide range of keychains. We recommend you to get a keychain in stainless steel. It is more affordable than silver and is superior in durability.

Judging by the statistics the most in-demand keychain is adjustable dumbbell keychain. It adjusts from zero plates to a full plated dumbbell. You can keep it with your keys in your pocket, but another good idea of using it would be hanging such keychain on your sports bag or even somewhere in your car. We produce the dumbbell keychains in 3 different sizes. You can choose one best suited for you.

We always have dumbbell keychains in stock and we are ready to ship them the next day after you place your order. For the fastest delivery time we recommend you to put down EMS shipping method as preferred in your order. Usually the delivery time with EMS is around 10 days to USA and Europe.

This item we also have in titanium and titanium nitride coating versions. Titanium is a little bit more grey in color and weighs around 2 times less than stainless steel. Titanium nitride coating resembles real gold. We are offering titanium nitride coating for items made out of stainless steel. Warranty for such coating is up to 50 years.

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Dumbbell keychain Sports keychain

Dumbbell pendant Gym necklace

Dumbbell keychain Sports gift

Biceps pendant Dumbbell pendant Sports gift


Material: stainless steel

Height: 2 inch (51 mm)

Width: 1.5 inch (38mm)

Thickness: about 0.47 inch (12mm)

Weight: 50 grams

The price is for pendant without chain.

Dumbbell pendant 0,8 inch


Material: stainless steel. Golden color-nitride titanium plating.

Length: 0,8 inch (20 mm).

Weight: 4 grams.

The price is only for the pendant. Chains and leather cords can be found in other categories.

Sports jewelry related items

Chains, necklaces We have a wide range of additional items related to our pendants. The widest assortment is in silver and medical stainless steel. The sizes vary depending on your request. We can make the gold dumbbell pendant in any shape. The most in demand size of such pendant is small size (under 10 g). The biggest assortment of dumbbell pendants we have in silver. We make the dumbbell pendants out of any material and with inclusion of Swarovski crystals.
Bracelets for sportsmen We have a wide range of bracelet choices for anyone, every taste and preference. You can choose just a pendant or make it a part of a bracelet. The most popular choice is a bracelet with a dumbbell. We can make custom orders with your unique design and required size.
Sports-related keychain You can buy a set of two or more things in the same style, for example: a pendant with a chain, or, a dumbbell pendant in silver with a chain and a dumbbell keychain in stainless steel. The most in-demand keychain in our store is adjustable dumbbell keychain. We produce it with medical stainless steel or titanium. We are able to make such keychain in silver by request.
Leather bracelet We use real top-quality leather for our bracelets. Main colors we use are black, brown and deep blue. You can also find other color combinations in our store.

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Dumbbell necklaces

For men medium- and large-sized items would be the best fit. The necklace should not weigh less than a pendant. The best ratio would be if the necklace weighs 2 to 5 times more than the pendant. In our photo gallery, you can find photos of our necklaces, pendants and chains on models. If the sportsman’s weight is around 160-200lbs medium-sized and large-sized jewelry would the best fit.

The pendants estimated weight ranges from 10g to 50g. Titanium dumbbell pendant would weigh 2 times less than the silver one and 3 times less than the gold one. This is because density of the materials vary. For a sportsman that weighs more than 200lbs we recommend getting large-sized jewelry.

On the body of a big and strong man, small-sized jewelry would not be very noticeable. We will answer all of your questions by e-mail and gladly send you additional photos of the items you choose to buy.

Dumbbell jewelry

For women we have big assortment of sports pendants, bracelets and chains. The most popular pendants weigh around 10g. The most popular materials are silver and stainless steel. In our store, you will find around 7 types of dumbbell pendants made of stainless steel. Some of the pendants we make with titanium nitride coating which is very durable. Such coating resembles gold and lasts around 50 years.

Stainless steel is hypoallergenic material that does not change its color throughout the time. Stainless steel is a little bit darker and more durable than silver. This jewelry alloy won the trust of many people around the world over the time. It is one of the most popular materials in jewelry making. In our store, you will find even wider range of dumbbell pendants made of silver.

We have a beautiful line of dumbbell pendants encrusted with crystals. The colors of crystals vary. The most popular colors are clear, red, blue and green. We can make custom orders with crystals in other colors by your request.

Dumbbell pendant 1,2 inch


Material: stainless steel. Golden color-nitride titanium plating.

Length: 1.2 inch (31mm).

Weight: 20 grams.

The price is only for the pendant. Chains and leather cords can be found in other categories.

Dumbbell pendant 1,3 inch


Material: stainless steel. Golden color-nitride titanium plating.

Length: 1.3 inches (33mm).

Weight: 18 grams.

The price is only for the pendant. Chains and leather cords can be found in other categories.


Dumbbell pendant hexagonal


Material: 925 sterling silver

Length: 1.22 inch (31mm)

Weight: 20 grams

The price is only for the pendant.

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